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Hold you in his arms so you can feel his disease

Come Together

24 September
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SomebodyyToldMe: wait..... i feel more poetry coming on and i can't control it
mickeyGreenEyes0: yea...??
SomebodyyToldMe:dude i got a puppy who smells like a aspparagus that widens my eyes and opens my sul and makes me think of cherries and lilacs in fresh field of dairy products where we run like thers no tomrow and head for the hills for bisciuts and tea
mickeyGreenEyes0: that is the most beautiful thing i have ever heard!

SomebodyyToldMe: AngelsRockBIG1: jesus
SomebodyyToldMe: wut chunky fooo yu now racist or sompin
AngelsRockBIG1: ya u know me i ve always been rasicst towards ur kind
SomebodyyToldMe: yu just hate me cuz im black well guess wut yur mom goes to college
mickeyGreenEyes0: lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!
mickeyGreenEyes0: you're soo ghetto black natalie!!

SomebodyyToldMe: my hip cracked when i hear the sound of yur broclii stir on an open fire i no i shouldnt feel the way i doo when yu moo but its just to hard to say no to yur sweet belly button so come and dance under the sun where the vegis all run and the people go shuned and dance dance until yur feet turn green (with blue and purple specs)

mickeyGreenEyes0: hahaha i need to hear you rap!!!
SomebodyyToldMe: yooyoyoooyooo wuts up my homedog when i see yu in the morning i say wutup dawg (dawsg) cuz yu make me say hanes compfy under wear
mickeyGreenEyes0: hahahah fruit of the loom
SomebodyyToldMe: i no dude im deep
mickeyGreenEyes0: soo deeep
mickeyGreenEyes0: edgar allen poe
mickeyGreenEyes0: william shakespeare
mickeyGreenEyes0: some dead poet

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